Randy Hall, The Happy Vegetarian

Living a satisfying and happy life on a vegetarian diet

Hello, my name is Randall Hall, Randy to my friends. I have been in Information Technology jobs for more than twenty years. That means I spend most of my day stashed away in the backroom of whatever company I am working for, and rarely get up from my desk. Needless to say, this is not conducive to a healthy body.

But my problem began long before my career relegated me to being a keyboard jockey. I had a condition in my feet in grade school that made it painful to walk after any kind of physical activity. This gave me the bad habit of not exercising and all my recreation happened on the couch.

Over the years, I have gained a massive mistrust of doctors and drugs. I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say I can only recall only one good doctor in my life… and he retired to open a vineyard.

So learning about Reiki in 2004 really was the shot in the arm that I needed. Not just the empowering aspect of the spiritual development and being able to help myself and others heal our own problems, but the community it opened me up to. We will start with Flora, my Yoga and one of my Reiki teachers. She is amazing, supportive, and nurturing, without letting me fall into bad habits of pity and self doubt.

Then there is Christine. Christine was a good friend I met through one of Flora’s many classes. She studied Ayurveda – the Science of Life. This is the traditional system of medicine in India. One of the things Christine recommended was a vegetarian lifestyle. And while I was on it, I lost weight – to the point my friends were commenting on it, I felt health, and I was more peaceful and happy.

Christine and I drifted apart and so did my vegetarian lifestyle. The weight came back on and everything just kind of went back to the way things were. Its been more than ten years, and now I am ready to go back to being a full time vegetarian. I will be The Happy Vegetarian again.

Reiki and Alternative Therapy Training

Usui Reiki Training

  • 2004 – Usui Shiki Ryoho – Master – Linda Horton
  • 2004 – Usui Reiki Ryoho – Master – Flora Elmore
  • 2006 – Usui Teate Reiki – Shinpiden – Don Carter
  • 2006 – Gendai Ki Reiki – Shinpiden – Kristen Dietz
  • 2009 – Gendai Reiki – Gokui Kaiden – Shawn Erwin
  • 2010 – Gendai Reiki – Shihan – Shawn Erwin
  • 2013 – Komyo Reiki Kai – Okuden – Hyakuten Inamoto
  • 2017 – Usui Reiki Ryoho – Shinpiden – Lisa Powers

Other Reiki Training

  • 2004 – Elemental Reiki – Linda Horton/Rebecca Doolin
  • 2005 – Green Tara Seichim – Stephen Lovering
  • 2006 – Dragon Reiki 1 & 2 – Kristen Dietz
  • 2006 – Dragon Ki Reiki – Kristen Dietz
  • 2006 – Medicine Buddha Reiki – Kristen Dietz
  • 2010 – Karuna Ki Reiki – Kristen Dietz
  • 2016 – Animal Reiki – Lisa Powers

Additional Training

  • 2007 – Certified Hypnotist – Hypnosis Motivation Institute
  • 2007 – Diploma in Chi Kung – CanAm College
  • 2008 – Microcosmic Orbit – Jampa Stewart
  • 2009 – Inner Structure of Tai Chi – Jampa Stewart
  • 2009 – Basic Pranic Healing® – Master Stephen Co
  • 2010 – Advanced Pranic Healing® – Greg Toews
  • 2010 – Taoist Cosmic Healing – Jampa Stewart
  • 2010 – External Qi Healing – Jampa Stewart
  • 2014 – Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine – University New Mexico
  • 2014 – Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights – Vanderbuilt University
  • 2015 – Animal Care – Holly and Hugo
  • 2017 – EFT Mastery: Be Your Own Trauma Therapist – Mark Johnson
  • 2017 – EFT Mastery: Relational Tapping – Mark Johnson
  • 2017 – EFT Mastery: Why and How EFT Works – Mark Johnson