Random Thoughts

A drawing I had commissioned. Do I look Asian in this?

As I think about my studies of health and wellness, I find it interesting that so many things have pointed me to a vegetarian diet. In Ayurvedic terms, I have a kapha imbalance which favors a vegetarian diet. I read the about the blood type diet, and my blood type favors a vegetarian diet. When I was on a vegetarian diet, I had the most results and received the most compliments from my friends and family.

So the Universe keeps pushing me back to vegetarian diet, and I have decided to start listening… again.

This blog is my attempt to hold to this decision. If I post to this blog everyday, I hope it will reinforce the vegetarian diet.

Below you will see my random thoughts and ramblings on various things vegetarian related.

Rising popularity of vegetarian diets

A whole food, plant-based diet has started to pick up popularity thanks to the work of doctors and researchers such as T. Colin Campbell and Doctor Caldwell Esselstyn. These diets seem unnatural to many people, but a whole food, plant-based diet is good for your...